I will give a report from a very nice autumn!
As I wrote before, I love to play with great big bands. And this autumn I will play with four of Swedens best bands! Håkan Broströms New Places Orchestra, Blue House Jazz Orchestra, Peter Asplund Big Band, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. We will play concerts in concert halls together with the GMO, we skansenplayed for for a big audience at outdoor scene Sollidenscenen at Skansen in Stockholm with NPO, a short tour with Peter Asplund is coming up, and we did a great project with Blue House Jazz Orchestra and Mith Frohman one month ago! Wow!
After 25 years with Tito Puente Mitch Frohman is the sax- and flute-sound of that genre! Amazing to hear him play and lead the band, and a great way to get in to that music!

img_7350On top of this, I will also do some small band stuff. We played at reopening of Jazz club Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm last week with a band great drummer Bengt Stark have put together. The club has been closed for three month, but they reopened 8th of October. It was just the same great feeling! A small place, huge crowd and everyone was happy! Perfect for Jazz!
We also planning a recording with my and Anna Gretas Quartet. And right now I book a tour together with Swedish trumpet player Dan Johansson.. We put a quintet together! I let you know more about the tour soon! img_7326