For more than ten years I’ve been playing these great Mouthpieces from Aaron Drake!
On tenor sax NY Jazz tip opening 9 is my main piece, and I love the combination of a big sound and a great projection!
On alto I play NY Jazz tip opening 7, and on baritone I play NY Jazz tip opening 8.

Please check them out at:

Over the two last decades I’ve playes Rico reed. Today D’Addario Woodwinds. Nothing can compare to a great wooden reed! In D’Addarios reeds I find the right sound and feel the great respons from the natural and living materia

And here on alto! NY Jazz opening 7.

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure to get in touch with EGR Ligatures that send me some great ligatures! They really help me to shape the sound!

Please check their stuff at: