Philip Neterowicz Jazz Quintet

Off course there is always a pleasure to play new music and be part of someone’s band! Someone has been working a lot to write, arrange and think about the form, the sound, the melodies and the shape of the music. Yesterday we had the pleasure to rehearse and to play and hear Philip’s music […]

It’s Out!

Our new album Echoes & Sounds is now released! We’ve very happy to show you the result of last months work and Welcome you to our release concert at Stallet, Stallgatan 7, in Stockholm Tuesday 27 of November! Thanks to Dan, the Band, Göran, Classe, Jonne, Lasse, and of course to Johan at Imogena Records! […]

New Music New Band!

It is amazing to be part of a jazz band! You listen, and you hear individual voices around you. You listen and you hear new things every time you play. Even every time you play the same song. When the musicians listen, hear and react, there will be music! As I wrote before, I love […]

The Work Continues!

The work continues in many ways! We’ve been working a lot with Dölerud Johansson’s new album, and we are really looking forward to release it later this autumn at a concert in Stockholm! I come back with the date! It’s been a great pleasure to produce this album together with amazing musician and fantastic co-band […]

New album in the making!

When you have the pleasure to meet a lot of people, as you do as a musician, you often talk about starting different projects. Could be a new band or a recording or just a concert. Because of lack of time or different circumstances it’s not always happening… Dan Johanssons and my band started as […]

ASJO at Jazzclub Fasching!

If you have read some of my earlier post, or if you know me, you know I love to play in great Big Bands! So off course, I’m very happy when I get the chance to sub for Sweden’s greatest tenor sound, my colleague, friend and amazing musician Karl-Martin Almqvist in Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra! […]


Ett meddelande till alla saxofonister i Sverige! Nu finns Aaron Drakes munstycken på Jonas Näslund i Stockholm. Åk dit och provspela deras fantastiska munstycken! Jag har spelat på deras munstycken senaste fyra åren och varit otroligt nöjd! Bra välgjorda munstycken med bra respons. Utan att har för mycket karaktär känns det som att de projicerar […]

Tour with the New Band!

After a very nice summer, it’s time for new concerts and projects during autumn! During the summer I’ve done a lot of great concerts. Concerts in small places on the countryside, and gigs on festivals together with Håkan Broströms New Places Orchestra, and I played with Mats Holmqvist Stora Stygga celebrating Polar Prize Winner Wayne […]

The New Band!

  The last years I’ve had the pleasure to play with many of the musicians I’ve been listening to for years, and the ones who has been my big inspires! After a couple of gigs in big band constellations, Dan Johansson and I decided to start a small group together. In January we did the […]

From the celebration of Billy Strayhorn!

For a long time, Billy Strayhorn has been one of my favorite composers! After a couple of bars, you can hear one of those characteristic melodic motives, or a typical harmonic progression, and you know you are listening to music of Billy Strayhorn. When I recorded my album, I wanted to add a standard tune […]