Looking Forward!

Since I’ve not been writing anything this year I will do a short notice what’s happened and what’s happening this spring!

The year started of with some gigs in Stockholm with my great friend Lars Ekman and his Swedish band. Right after Lars and I left for Poland and Germany for some gigs with the Polish guitar player Rafal Sarnecki and the German drummer Manuel Weyand. It was a great pleasure to play with these guys! Nice guys, great players, great composers!

Continued with a trip to Gothenburg with Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra, and so on…

In Mars there will be several different projects. 11th of Mars we will play in Stockholm and Lilla Hotellbaren with my Quartet. I’m really looking forward to play with the band! Day after I will play a duo concert with Philip Neterowicz in a church in Haninge south of Stockholm.

This month we’re also going to Scania with the Quiet Nights Orchestra, and last week of Mars I will sub in two of Sweden’s greatest big bands, Håkan Broströms New Places Orchestra and Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Orchestra. Three gigs around Gothenburg with Håkan, and one gig in Stockhom with Ann-Sofi.

In the beginning of April I go to Paris for some days vacation, but I also hope I can catch up with my friend and great guitarplayer Paul Jarrett!