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New Video Recording

One day in November we met with Trio Circle in Petter Berndalens studio in Stockholm to shoot a video. I hope you enjoy! You can also find these songs on our record that we released last year! You find the album here!

New Release 28th of January!

Magnus Dölerud – saxofon Hans Backenroth – bas Oscar Johansson Werre – trummor

Trio Circle releases its debut album! Magnus Dölerud, Hans Backenroth and Oscar Johansson Werre explore one of jazz history’s class formats- the saxophone trio. After a sneak preview at Glenn Miller Café in December 2021, the album will be released on both CD and digital platforms on January 28, 2022.

Saxophone, bass and drums is a format that promotes an open and creative sound.  The lack of chord instruments opens a harmonic door that gives improvisers more freedom to shape their music. However, it’s a freedom that also demands greater responsibility and attentiveness from all.

Trio Circle consists of three strong players that embrace this freedom and make the best of it, drawing us into a detailed and varied sonic world, where the music takes shape in the moment. Their album is a wide-ranging journey from the band’s own “Prelude” through Billy Strayhorn’s “U.M.M.G” and Rolf Ericson’s beautiful “Evelyn” to Ornette Coleman’s “Broadway Blues”; along the way we are emerged in 10 diverse songs, each one explored rhythmically, melodically and harmonically.  

Saxophonist, Magnus Döderlud (born in Karlstad in 1982), has worked with most of the country’s major big bands, including Håkan Broström’s New Places Orchestra, the Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra, the Elaria Orchestra, the Blue House Jazz Orchestra and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Together with Dan Johansson, he leads the Dölerud Johansson Quintet, which includes Torbjörn Gulz, Palle Danielsson and Fredrik Rundqvist. Over the last few years, they have toured regularly and released the album, “Echoes & Sounds” in 2018. Like Hans Backenroth, Magnus is a former member of the legendary Fredrik Norén Band and played on its final album, “Inside Up”. 

Hans Backenroth (born in Karlstad 1966) is, with his hard swinging technique, warm sound and lyrical solos, one of the leading bassists in Scandinavia. In his twenties, he studied under Nisse Sandström and became a member of the Fredrik Norén Band. He went on to play with, among others, Arne Domnérus, Monica Zetterlund, Rebecka Törnqvist, Kjell Öhman, Ulf Wakenius and Claes Janson. His longest collaboration has been with Bernt Rosengren, which started in 1987 and continues today. Hans has played with nearly all the great jazz musicians in Scandinavia and has supported international stars like Harry “Sweets” Edison, Clark Terry, Roger Kellaway, Scott Hamilton, Toots Thielemans, Kenny Barron, Karin Krog, Ed Thigpen, Doug Raney, Eddie Daniels and many others. Hans travels and tours the world and has played in Japan each of the last 20 years. He has contributed to 200 recorded albums.

Oscar Johansson Werre (born in Uppsala in 1995) began his musical career early, when he stood on stage for the first time as a two-year-old. He has continued his musical journey and, in 2018, graduated from the Royal College of Music. Despite his young age, he has already established himself on the Swedish jazz scene. He’s played with giants like Bernt Rosengren, Nisse Sandström, Jan Allan and Harry Allen (USA). He has also received a slew of grants and prizes for his drumming: Most Valuable Player at the Youth Jazz Festival 2010, the Ivar Rondin stipendium 2016, Ronnie Gardiner’s Swedish Drummer Deserving Wider Recognition Award 2017 and an award from the Uppsala Jazz Foundation in 2021, making him the first recipient of the Jazzaspen award.

Label: Prophone Records
Distribution: Naxos Sweden

Track list:

1 Prelude (Magnus Dölerud)

2 Contours (Magnus Dölerud)

3 Nardis (Miles Davis)

4 Sober (Magnus Dölerud)

5 U.M.M.G (Billy Strayhorn)

6 Bright Mississippi (Thelonious Monk)

7 Evelyn (Rolf Ericson)

8 If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron)

9 It’s All Right With Me (Cole Porter)

10 Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman)

Philip Neterowicz Jazz Quintet

Off course there is always a pleasure to play new music and be part of someone’s band! Someone has been working a lot to write, arrange and think about the form, the sound, the melodies and the shape of the music.

Yesterday we had the pleasure to rehearse and to play and hear Philip’s music for the fist time. That moment when the dots on the paper became sound. Magic!

Welcome to Virsbo Konsthall 21th of August when we play with Philip Neterowicz Jazz Quintet!

It’s Out!

Our new album Echoes & Sounds is now released! We’ve very happy to show you the result of last months work and Welcome you to our release concert at Stallet, Stallgatan 7, in Stockholm Tuesday 27 of November!

Thanks to Dan, the Band, Göran, Classe, Jonne, Lasse, and of course to Johan at Imogena Records!

It’s a great pleasure to have this band together with Dan Johansson, and it’s an honor to play with such great musicians as Torbjörn Gulz, Palle Danielsson and Fredrik Rundqvist! I’m looking forward to work a lot to be able to get out and play with the band!

If you can’t go to the concert but is interested in the music you can find it on iTunes or here:

buy Echoes & Sounds


New Music New Band!

It is amazing to be part of a jazz band! You listen, and you hear individual voices around you. You listen and you hear new things every time you play. Even every time you play the same song. When the musicians listen, hear and react, there will be music!

As I wrote before, I love Big Bands. It’s an amazing sound in the middle of the band, and you have to listen even more carefully, and then add your own sound and voice.

I’m very happy to be part of the new Big Band Elaria Orchestra! You hear all those sounds, and hear all players when they form the sounds never created before. From musicians that never played together before, and from music that never been played before. Amazing!!

The band is started by saxophone player Lina Lövstrand and composer and arranger Erika Hammarberg, and we will play mostly Erikas music.

I’m looking forward to hear and to be part of the sounds this band will create in the future!

We start with a concert at Jazz Club Fasching 19th of November. This time together with Magnus Lindgren!!

The Work Continues!

The work continues in many ways! We’ve been working a lot with Dölerud Johansson’s new album, and we are really looking forward to release it later this autumn at a concert in Stockholm! I come back with the date!
It’s been a great pleasure to produce this album together with amazing musician and fantastic co-band leader Dan Johansson! Tack, Danne!! We let you know about upcoming concerts, and of course about release date!

19th of November we will make a premiere concert at Jazzclub Fasching with a new big band based in Stockholm. This band is lead by Erika Hammarberg and Lina Lövstrand, and we will play mostly Erika’s beatuful compositions. This night we will also have Magnus Lindgren as guest! Listen to her music at

I will do a couple of concerts with the Glenn Miller Orchestra this autumn, we are going to play with Håkan Broströms New Places Orchestra together with Ebbot Lundberg, and when we come to December there will be a lot of traditional christmas concerts…

So, there’s a lot of fun concerts and projects coming up! And like always you have to plan for the upcoming season. Hopfully I can get some tours together with my Finnish, Norwegian and Danish friends. The Work Continues..!

New album in the making!

When you have the pleasure to meet a lot of people, as you do as a musician, you often talk about starting different projects. Could be a new band or a recording or just a concert. Because of lack of time or different circumstances it’s not always happening… Dan Johanssons and my band started as an idea in a bar after a gig, and this time it happened! I’m very very happy that from that discussion we now have a touring band!! It’s a great pleasure to plan new projects and gigs, and to play together with Dan, and it’s an honour to have Palle Danielsson, Torbjörn Gulz and Fredrik Rundqvist in the band!

We’ve played together for a bit more than a year now, and we did concerts from Skellefteå in north to Kalmar in south. After this year it was time to record an Album! Two weeks ago we gathered in Soundtrade Studio in Solna and recorded. There is a lot of work util we have the actual album in our hand, but we looking forward for a release this autumn. Keep your eyes open for concerts near you!

Photo: Lasse Swärd












Until the release of the new album, you can listen to a couple of songs from our concert at Jazzclub Fasching last year:

ASJO at Jazzclub Fasching!

If you have read some of my earlier post, or if you know me, you know I love to play in great Big Bands! So off course, I’m very happy when I get the chance to sub for Sweden’s greatest tenor sound, my colleague, friend and amazing musician Karl-Martin Almqvist in Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra! And this time, the concert at Jazzclub Fasching was recorded.



Ett meddelande till alla saxofonister i Sverige! Nu finns Aaron Drakes munstycken på Jonas Näslund i Stockholm. Åk dit och provspela deras fantastiska munstycken!
Jag har spelat på deras munstycken senaste fyra åren och varit otroligt nöjd! Bra välgjorda munstycken med bra respons. Utan att har för mycket karaktär känns det som att de projicerar “ditt” sound och du kan spela mer “på röret” och forma ditt sound.

Kolla in deras hemsida: Drake Mouthpieces

Tour with the New Band!

After a very nice summer, it’s time for new concerts and projects during autumn!

During the summer I’ve done a lot of great concerts. Concerts in small places on the countryside, and gigs on festivals together with Håkan Broströms New Places Orchestra, and I played with Mats Holmqvist Stora Stygga celebrating Polar Prize Winner Wayne Shorter at Fasching in Stockholm, and so on!

To make it happen, I have to tell someone about it, but still in my head I plan for some projects abroad with musicians I met earlier… And me and Anna Greta will do some new stuff with our quartet. Please listen to our band! Just click at “projects” and you can hear us! It will all happen!

And we’ve set up a tour with Dan Johanssons and my band! We go tomorrow for the first concert in Vänersborg, and continue to Kalmar. Please click at “live” and you can see where you can hear us. It will be a great pleasure to let the music grow by playing togheter on this tour! As I wrote before, the musicians in this band is my idols… They have inspired, and continue to inspire me with their great playing! I’m Super Happy!